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  • Easy automatic design of pop-ups
  • Accurate targeting of visitors with filters
  • Simple testing procedures and easy to read data analysis
  • Knowledgeable support for any technical issues

Hello Bar – The Route To Capture And Convert Leads

According to statistics, about 96% of the visitors to a website are not ready to buy anything. This figure is a massive amount of traffic and investment in getting that traffic going to waste. However, there are ways to change the narrative.

With a plug-in like Hello Bar, you get to optimize your website and convert more visitors into customers. Hello Bar helps you capture the attention of visitors to your site. You are wondering how Hello Bar can help you achieve this feat? Let’s look at how it works together.

How Does Hello Bar Work?

Hello Bar is a plug-in used to create a bar at the top of your site. You use this Bar to send messages to visitors to your site. As the name implies, you can send messages like ‘hello’ with the Hello Bar. 

This Bar helps you carry out several functions like direct your customers to essential landing pages, collect their emails, notify them of new deals. More than just the Bar at the top of the browser window, Hello Bar can create other pop-ups. 

From start to finish, Hello Bar has several features that would help you capture and convert your visitors. We have detailed some of its functions for you below.

What Are The Features Of Hello Bar?

Hello Bar is simple to use with useful features that you can easily navigate. These features are designed to help businesses of all types to get more traffic and increase conversions. You should check them out.

Automatic Design. Hello Bar allows you to design your headline, CTA, and even your pop-ups. There are several options to choose from and colour to match with designs. You can, however, cut through the process with Hello Bar auto design feature.

This feature detects the colours that work best with your site after you choose a template. You can also select the colours you want to keep or change after the automatic generation. Designing doesn’t get easier than with Hello Bar.

Efficient A/B Testing. Every serious marketer understands the importance of A/B testing. Hello Bar helps you test every aspect of your marketing strategy in the plug-in; your CTA, copy, colours, and format. 

You should test only one aspect at any particular point in time. This testing will help you use Hello Bar to greater success. 

Filter Targeting. One hallmark of a good strategy is targeting the right people at the right time and place. Hello Bar is equipped with filters that help you achieve this aim with your pop-ups. 

You can filter based on device, date, timing, and URL path. This feature and all the other features on Hello Bar helps you make the most of visitors to your site. Along with these features, we have observed some sweet benefits of Hello Bar.

What Are The Benefits Of Hello Bar?

If you are still not convinced that you need Hello Bar for your marketing strategy, our Hello Bar discount coupons and deals should convince you. If that does not do it, these benefits will show you that Hello Bar is the right choice. 

  • Easy installation as a plug-in on WordPress

  • Smooth integrations with other software
  • Simple data analysis that helps you understand your visitors
  • Customizable templates for your design needs
  • Superb customer support to help you through any issues

We are sure you are ready to start using Hello Bar. So, we have detailed all you would need to use Hello Bar for maximum efficiency.

How To Use Hello Bar:

Hello Bar has three basic plans, which includes a free starter plan. Our Hello Bar discount codes also get you a $1 free trial. Once you have signed up, you can follow these steps to enjoy the benefits of Hello Bar.

Step 1: Write a fantastic copy to go into your Hello Bar.

Step 2: Design an awesome pop-up or any Bar of choice.

Step 3: Test different versions of pop-up for full optimization

Step 4: Use the pop-up to get emails, direct traffic, or any other action you want. 

Offer by Hello Bar
Hello Bar
$1 Trial at Hello Bar
Love this dealSave it for later!

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